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What is locus multiple choice questions (MCQs), what is locus quiz answers to practice online MCAT test prep courses. Mendelian concepts MCQs with answers, what is locus quiz questions and answers for online medical colleges admission. Learn phenotype and genotype, what is gene, what is locus test prep for MCAT practice test.

Learn mendelian concepts test MCQs: homozygous chromosomes include, with choices diploid cells, polyploid cells , and haploid cells for online medical colleges admission. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning what is locus quiz questions for competitive assessment of college majors.

MCQ on What is LocusQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Homozygous chromosomes include

  1. diploid cells
  2. Polyploid cells
  3. both A and B
  4. haploid cells


MCQ: Humans estimated haploid protein coding genes are in range

  1. 30,000-40,000
  2. 40,000-50,000
  3. 20,000-25,000
  4. 10,000-15,000


MCQ: Ordered list of loci known for a particular genome is called

  1. gene map
  2. loci
  3. alleles
  4. chromosomes


MCQ: Process of determining locus of a gene and distances between genes is called

  1. replication
  2. recombination
  3. gene mapping
  4. Transcription


MCQ: Chromosomes that have different alleles of a given gene at locus is called

  1. homozygous
  2. heterozygous
  3. X chromosomes
  4. Y chromosomes