Single and Multiple Allele MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Single and multiple allele multiple choice questions, learn online MCAT biology test prep for online certificate programs. Learn mendelian concepts multiple choice questions (MCQs), single and multiple allele quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on what is gene, what is locus, homozygosity and heterozygosity, mcat: complete dominance, incomplete dominance, leakage, penetrance and expressivity test for mcat preparation.

Practice mendelian concepts aptitude test MCQs: organisms that have one copy of each gene on each chromosome are, for free online certificate courses with options diploid, haploid, unicellular, polyploid with online most common interview questions with answer key for fresh and experienced medical graduates. Free skills assessment test is for online learning single and multiple allele quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQ on Single and Multiple AlleleQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Where heterozygote is indistinguishable from one of homozygotes allele involved is said to be

  1. recessive
  2. dominant
  3. both A and B
  4. none of above


MCQ: Organisms that have one copy of each gene on each chromosome are

  1. diploid
  2. haploid
  3. unicellular
  4. Polyploid


MCQ: Alternative forms of same gene is called

  1. locus
  2. gene
  3. allele
  4. phenotype


MCQ: If both alleles are same with respect to genes than they are called as

  1. heterozygous
  2. unicellular
  3. homozygous
  4. multicellular


MCQ: Most multicellular organisms are

  1. haploid
  2. diploid
  3. single nucleus
  4. none of above