Restriction Enzymes MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn restriction enzymes MCQs, MCAT biology online test for distance education, free online courses prep. Practice recombinant dna and biotechnology multiple choice questions (MCQs), restriction enzymes quiz questions and answers. Mock test on stem cells, dna sequencing, restriction enzymes test for mcat test.

Study bachelors and masters degree MCQs: haeiii and alui are restriction enzymes that cut straight across double helix producing, for online courses with choices sticky ends, blunt ends, codons, anticodons for scholars to prepare for online study guide questions and answers to improve study skills. Free skills assessment test is for online learn restriction enzymes quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Restriction EnzymesQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: HaeIII and AluI are restriction enzymes that cut straight across double helix producing

  1. sticky ends
  2. blunt ends
  3. Codons
  4. Anticodons


MCQ: Zinc-finger nucleases is

  1. natural restriction enzyme
  2. type of polymerase enzyme
  3. artificial restriction enzyme
  4. type of helicase enzyme


MCQ: Sticky ends are overhanging pieces of single stranded

  1. DNA
  2. RNA
  3. proteins
  4. Messenger RNA


MCQ: Restriction enzymes are also called

  1. restriction sites
  2. restriction endonucleases
  3. restriction polymerases
  4. endonucleases