Mechanism of Replication MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn mechanism of replication MCQs, MCAT biology test for online courses learning and test prep to practice. Dna replication quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), mechanism of replication quiz questions and answers to learn.

MCAT practice test MCQ on dna synthesis is with options unidirectional, bidirectional, nondirectional and multidirectional problem solving skills for viva, competitive exam prep, interview questions with answer key. Free study guide is for online learning mechanism of replication quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Mechanism of Replication Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. DNA synthesis is

  1. unidirectional
  2. bidirectional
  3. nondirectional
  4. Multidirectional


MCQ. Replication occurs once every cell generation during

  1. S phase
  2. T phase
  3. C phase
  4. A phase


MCQ. All biological DNA synthesis occurs from the

  1. 3' end to 5' end
  2. 5' end to 3' end
  3. both A and B
  4. none of above


MCQ. Strand that contains okazaki fragments is

  1. leading strand
  2. lagging strand
  3. RNA
  4. Replication fork


MCQ. Synthesis that proceeds in direction of replication fork is the

  1. leading strand
  2. lagging strand
  3. parent strand
  4. Neutral strand