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Immune system MCQs, immune system quiz answers to practice MCAT preparation course. Learn non enzymatic protein function multiple choice questions (MCQs), immune system quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on immune system test prep for MCAT practice test.

Practice non enzymatic protein function test MCQs: a foreign macromolecule that binds selectively to an antibody is called, with choices stem cell, antigen, antibody, and lymph for online medical colleges admission. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning immune system quiz questions for competitive assessment of college majors.

MCQ on Immune SystemQuiz Book Download

MCQ: A foreign macromolecule that binds selectively to an antibody is called

  1. stem cell
  2. antigen
  3. antibody
  4. lymph


MCQ: Immune system comprises of

  1. two parallel interrelated systems
  2. three parallel systems
  3. two anti-parallel systems
  4. three anti-parallel systems


MCQ: Cells which kills cells that display foreign motifs on their surface are

  1. plasma cells
  2. red blood cells
  3. antigens
  4. cytotoxic T lymphocytes


MCQ: Soluble proteins that function as recognition elements that bind foreign molecules and serve as markers signaling foreign invasion are called as

  1. antigens
  2. antibodies
  3. fighters
  4. epitope


MCQ: Antibodies are secreted by

  1. stem cells
  2. tissue cells
  3. plasma cells
  4. membranous cells