General Function in Cell Containment MCQs Test Online PDF Download

General function in cell containment multiple choice questions (MCQs), general function in cell containment test prep for online learning with MCAT certificate programs. Learn plasma membrane multiple choice questions (MCQs), general function in cell containment quiz questions and answers. Career test on membrane dynamics, passive transport, composition of membranes, exocytosis and endocytosis, membranes structure test for mcat practice test.

Learn plasma membrane practice test MCQs: cell's potential is maintained by, for free online courses with options mitochondria, nucleus, ribosomes, cell membrane for online classes in distance learning, online education for medical degree and medical certification programs. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning general function in cell containment quiz questions for competitive assessment of college majors.

MCQ on General Function in Cell ContainmentQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Process in which cells absorb molecules by engulfing them is called

  1. passive osmosis
  2. cell death
  3. exocytosis
  4. endocytosis


MCQ: Cell's potential is maintained by

  1. mitochondria
  2. nucleus
  3. ribosomes
  4. cell membrane


MCQ: Supramembrane structures include

  1. caveola
  2. postsynaptic density
  3. podosome
  4. all of above


MCQ: Plasma membrane is

  1. always permeable
  2. non permeable
  3. selectively permeable
  4. Impermeable


MCQ: A membrane which separates intracellular components to extracellular environment is

  1. plasma membrane
  2. nuclear membrane
  3. mitochondria
  4. cytoplasm