Skewness and Kurtosis Quiz Questions and Answers 4 PDF Download

Skewness and kurtosis quiz questions, learn online MBA statistics test prep 4 for distance learning online MBA programs. College and university courses MCQs on descriptive statistics numerical measures quiz, skewness and kurtosis multiple choice questions and answers to practice statistics quiz with answers. Learn skewness and kurtosis MCQs, career aptitude test on measures of association between two variables, chi-square distribution, multicollinearity, measures of location, skewness and kurtosis practice test for online data in statistics courses distance learning.

Practice skewness and kurtosis career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): a normal distribution in kurtosis is named to be, for online MBA programs with options lefto kurtosis, normal kurtosis, plety kurtosis, meso kurtosis with online tutorial questions and answers for online university's class tests with exam papers important questions. Learn descriptive statistics numerical measures questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Skewness and Kurtosis Worksheet 4 Download PDF

Skewness and Kurtosis Quiz

MCQ: A normal distribution in kurtosis is named to be

  1. Lefto kurtosis
  2. Normal kurtosis
  3. Plety kurtosis
  4. Meso kurtosis


Measures of Location Quiz

MCQ: Interquartile range can be computed as

  1. Q1 + Q2
  2. Q2 + Q4
  3. Q4 - Q2
  4. Q3 - Q1


Multicollinearity Quiz

MCQ: Closer value of tolerance to 1, for which there exists

  1. Less chance of multicollinearity
  2. High chance of multicollinearity
  3. Less chance of perfect multicollinearity
  4. High chance of perfect multicollinearity


Chi-square distribution Quiz

MCQ: Output value generated in result of a chi-square distribution is

  1. Always negative
  2. Always positive
  3. Condition oriented
  4. Always zero


Measures of Association Between Two Variables Quiz

MCQ: Value of skewness incase of a negatively skewed distribution is equals to

  1. 1
  2. -1
  3. 3
  4. -3