Islamic Banking Multiple Choice Questions 6 PDF Download

Learn MBA test 6 on islamic banking multiple choice questions (MCQs) for MBA graduate program jobs test. Free islamic banking study guide has multiple choice question: to generate joint possession in assets is with choices shirkat-al-aqd, shirkat, shirkat-al-milk and musharika for career test, online study and distance learning online preparation for online university courses. Study to learn shirkat-ul-milk quiz questions with online learning MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Islamic Banking Test 6 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: To generate joint possession in assets is

  1. shirkat
  2. shirkat-al-aqd
  3. shirkat-al-milk
  4. musharika


MCQ: This happens when a person hires a representative to carry out transactions on his/her behalf, like to a

  1. wadiah
  2. power of attorney
  3. wakalah
  4. b& c


MCQ: Where everyone partner contribute some capital into a commercial venture is

  1. partnership in capital
  2. shirkat-ul-amwal
  3. a & b
  4. shirkat-ul-abdan


MCQ: Investments given by all partners/shareholders known to as

  1. partners
  2. ijarah
  3. murabah
  4. takaful


MCQ: Mutually or equally using an asset by taking twists under conditions where partners or joint vendors are on superior stipulations is

  1. musharika intifa
  2. musharika
  3. ijarah
  4. hibah