Islamic Banking Multiple Choice Questions 4 PDF Book Download

Islamic banking multiple choice questions (MCQs), islamic banking test prep to learn MBA test 4 for MBA free online courses. Learn islamic banking with multiple choice question: whose outcomes are concealed is gharar describes by, for online business majors with options hanbali school, hanafi school, zahiri school, shafi school for masters degree in business administration. Professional skills assessment test for learning online bai salam quiz questions with MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Islamic Banking Test 4Quiz Book Download

MCQ: An agreement in which advance fee is made for commodities to be delivered afterwards on is

  1. murabaha
  2. bai salam
  3. ijarah
  4. b& c


MCQ: Whose outcomes are concealed is gharar describes by

  1. hanafi school
  2. hanbali school
  3. zahiri school
  4. shafi school


MCQ: Banks are dealing a large number of commodities and services and facing a strong competition to attract

  1. potential buyers
  2. potential customers
  3. potential employees
  4. potential sellers


MCQ: Word Musharika is originated from Arabic word Sharikah meaning

  1. friends
  2. ijarah
  3. lessor
  4. partnership


MCQ: A assets in Shirkat-ul-milk is mutually possessed but not separated yet, is known as

  1. shirkat-ul-milk
  2. shirkat-al-aqd
  3. shirkah
  4. musha