International Flow of Funds Multiple Choice Questions 5 PDF Download

International flow of funds multiple choice questions (MCQs), international flow of funds test prep to learn MBA test 5 for MBA free online courses. Learn international flow of funds with multiple choice question: not a profit-maximizing business is:, for business administration major with options international bank for reconstruction and development, international monetary fund, international financial corporation, world trade organization for business administration degree. Professional skills assessment test for online learning privatization quiz questions with MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on International Flow of Funds Test 5Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Chief cause that market worth of organization might raise in reaction to privatization is expected

  1. improvements in financial performance
  2. improvement in profits
  3. improvements in exports
  4. improvement in managerial efficiency


MCQ: Not a profit-maximizing business is:

  1. International Monetary fund
  2. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  3. International financial corporation
  4. World trade organization


MCQ: Interest and dividend proceeds received by investors on foreign investment is

  1. transfer payment
  2. factor income
  3. merchandise payment
  4. service payment


MCQ: US and Chile agree on agreement in 2003 which is

  1. free trade agreement
  2. European union
  3. Berlin wall
  4. NAFTA


MCQ: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

  1. is an accord reached between 100 countries in 1980
  2. reduced some tariffs by 80 percent on average
  3. removed some tariffs over a five- to ten-year period
  4. made more progress on reducing tariffs in service industries than in manufacturing industries