International Flow of Funds Multiple Choice Questions 2 PDF Book Download

International flow of funds MCQs, international flow of funds quiz answers, MBA test 2 to learn MBA courses online. international flow of funds with multiple choice question: uruguay round that has started, with choices earlier 5 years, earlier 8 years, earlier 10 year, and earlier 7 years for masters in business administration. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning uruguay round quiz questions for business administration certifications.

MCQ on International Flow of Funds Test 2Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Uruguay Round that has started

  1. earlier 8 years
  2. earlier 5 years
  3. earlier 10 year
  4. earlier 7 years


MCQ: Less tax rate in a state get intention of

  1. imports
  2. exports
  3. direct foreign investment
  4. privatization


MCQ: On an accounting report of cash flows an "increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents" shows

  1. a cash flow from operating activities
  2. a cash flow from investing activities.
  3. a cash flow from financing activities.
  4. none of above.


MCQ: Gifts and reliefs are

  1. merchandise payments
  2. service payments
  3. factor income
  4. transfer payments


MCQ: Distinction between overall exports and imports is related to

  1. factor income
  2. transfer Payments
  3. balance of trade
  4. account balance