International Financial Markets Multiple Choice Questions 4 PDF Book Download

International financial markets multiple choice questions (MCQs), international financial markets quiz answers, MBA test 4 to learn MBA courses online. international financial markets with multiple choice question: case of foreign exchange, with choices exchange of bank deposits, exchange of claims denominated in another currency., exchange of cash issued by a foreign central bank., and all of the above. for master's degree in business administration. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning foreign exchange market quiz questions for business administration certifications.

MCQ on International Financial Markets Test 4Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Case of foreign exchange

  1. exchange of claims denominated in another currency.
  2. exchange of bank deposits
  3. exchange of cash issued by a foreign central bank.
  4. all of above.

MCQ: Gold standard introduced in

  1. 1913
  2. 1990
  3. 1876
  4. 1944


MCQ: Market in which currencies buy and sell and their prices settle on is called the

  1. Eurocurrency market
  2. international capital market
  3. international bond market
  4. foreign exchange market


MCQ: International capital market

  1. innovative financial instruments
  2. information technology
  3. deregulation
  4. foreign exchange rates


MCQ: Order cost is cost of the

  1. executing order
  2. processing order
  3. opportunity cost
  4. none of these