International Financial Markets Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

International financial markets multiple choice questions (MCQs), international financial markets test prep to learn MBA test 1 for MBA free online courses. Learn international financial markets with multiple choice question: more instability in currency is called as, for MBA online business majors with options financial risk, country risk, currency risk, liquidity risk for online masters in business administration. Professional skills assessment test for online learning foreign exchange market quiz questions with MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on International Financial Markets Test 1Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Global bond market consists of all bonds sold by issued companies, governments, or other firms

  1. within their own countries
  2. outside their own countries
  3. to London banks
  4. to developing nations only


MCQ: More instability in currency is called as

  1. country risk
  2. financial risk
  3. currency risk
  4. liquidity risk


MCQ: Foreign bonds issued in Japan are known

  1. bulldog bonds
  2. dragon bonds
  3. Yankee bonds
  4. samurai bonds


MCQ: Largest number of buyers and sellers, greater the

  1. liquidity
  2. speculation
  3. hedging
  4. forward rate


MCQ: Exchange rate entail delivery of trade currency within two business days know as

  1. forward rate
  2. future rate
  3. spot rate
  4. bid rate