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Unionizing process multiple choice questions, learn online MBA HRM test prep for MBA programs online courses. Learn union relationship management multiple choice questions (MCQs), unionizing process quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on collective bargaining, bargaining process, unionizing process aptitude test for online human resource development courses distance learning.

Practice union relationship management aptitude test MCQs: practice in which unions pay and hire individuals to apply job for certain organizations is classified as, for free online MBA courses with options decertification, authorization unit, bargaining unit, salting for online masters in business administration. Free skills assessment test is for online learning unionizing process quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. Unionizing Process Video

MCQ on Unionizing ProcessQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Kind of bargaining in which workers and management representative negotiate working hours, wages and employment conditions is classified as

  1. union bargaining
  2. distributive bargaining
  3. descriptive bargaining
  4. collective bargaining


MCQ: Practice in which unions pay and hire individuals to apply job for certain organizations is classified as

  1. decertification
  2. authorization unit
  3. bargaining unit
  4. salting


MCQ: Contract negotiation is also called as

  1. descriptive bargaining
  2. union bargaining
  3. collective bargaining
  4. distributive bargaining


MCQ: Process in which a union is removed from position of representative of workers is classified as

  1. certification
  2. decertification
  3. unionization
  4. all of the above


MCQ: All employees who are eligible to select one union to bargain and represent their collective needs are altogether called as

  1. bargaining unit
  2. authorization unit
  3. open authorization unit
  4. closed authorization unit