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Learn selection process MCQs, selection process quiz answers pdf to study human resources course online. Practice selecting and placing human resources multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs), "Selection Process" quiz questions and answers for shortest online MBA. Learn employee selection interview, employee selection test, hrm: selection and placement test prep for online business masters programs.

Practice selection process MCQ: Step in recruitment process in which candidates are shortlisted fulfilling minimum requirements of job is classified as, with choices placement screening, pre-employment screening, compensatory screening, and affirmative screening for shortest online MBA. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning selection process quiz questions, competitive exams in business majors for best business schools in the world. Selection Process Video

MCQs on Selection Process PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Step in recruitment process in which the candidates are shortlisted fulfilling the minimum requirements of the job is classified as

  1. placement screening
  2. pre-employment screening
  3. compensatory screening
  4. affirmative screening


MCQ: Systematic process through which an accurate picture of job is given to the applicant's job is classified as

  1. realistic job preview
  2. realistic job placement
  3. realistic job criterion
  4. realistic job administration


MCQ: In the predictors combination, the approach in which the scores from each predictor is added to compensate the lower score of any of the predictor is classified as

  1. multiple hurdles
  2. collective approach
  3. compensatory approach
  4. none of above


MCQ: Approach in which the minimum point is set off for each predictor and the minimum level must be achieved is classified as

  1. placement hurdles
  2. selection hurdles
  3. compensatory hurdle
  4. multiple hurdles