Rights and Responsibilities Issues Questions and Answers 80 PDF Download

Rights and responsibilities issues quiz questions and answers, rights and responsibilities issues MCQ with answers pdf 80 to study MBA human resources degree online courses. Practice "employee rights and discipline" quiz, rights and responsibilities issues Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to practice human resource management test with answers for online human resources degree. Free rights and responsibilities issues MCQs, retention management system, equal employment opportunity, appraising performance methods, financial benefits, rights and responsibilities issues test prep for cheapest MBA programs.

"The obligations that are accountable for actions are called", rights and responsibilities issues Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices statutory rights, non statutory rights, rights, and responsibilities for school for business online. Learn employee rights and discipline questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for one year online MBA. Rights & Responsibilities Issues Video

Quiz Questions on Rights & Responsibilities Issues 80 PDF Download

Rights and Responsibilities Issues Quiz

MCQ: The obligations that are accountable for actions are called

  1. non statutory rights
  2. statutory rights
  3. rights
  4. responsibilities


Financial Benefits Quiz

MCQ: The benefit programs which combine disability insurance program to reduce the compensation claims of workers are classified as

  1. utilization insurance
  2. legal insurance
  3. relocation management programs
  4. integrated disability management programs


Appraising Performance Methods Quiz

MCQ: The methods of performance appraisals do not include

  1. comparative methods
  2. objective methods
  3. systematic methods
  4. subjective methods


Equal Employment Opportunity Quiz

MCQ: The type of validity test in which the test is used as predictor to know how the person is performing on a job is classified as

  1. construct validity
  2. predictive validity
  3. content validity
  4. criterion-related validity


Retention Management System Quiz

MCQ: The number of employees separation during a specific period is divided by number of employees at midmonth and is multiplied to 100, is used to calculate

  1. absenteeism rate
  2. satisfaction rate
  3. turnover rate
  4. employment rate