Financial Benefits Quiz Questions and Answers 79 PDF Book Download

Financial benefits quiz, financial benefits MCQs with answers, MBA HRM quiz 79 for online hr courses. College and university degree MCQs on managing employee benefits quiz questions and answers, financial benefits multiple choice questions to practice human resource management test with answers. Learn financial benefits MCQs, career aptitude test on diversity, equal employment and affirmative action, employee relationship, equal employment laws and concepts, financial benefits test prep for HR professional certification.

Practice financial benefits career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): benefit plan which allow workers to choose from range of benefit plans is called, to learn MBA human resources degree with options cafeteria benefit plan, utilization benefit plan, integrated benefit plan, relocation benefit plan for HR director jobs. Learn managing employee benefits questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for PHR certification exam. Financial Benefits Video

Quiz on Financial Benefits Worksheet 79Quiz Book Download

Financial Benefits Quiz

MCQ: Benefit plan which allow workers to choose from range of benefit plans is called

  1. cafeteria benefit plan
  2. utilization benefit plan
  3. integrated benefit plan
  4. relocation benefit plan


Equal Employment Laws and Concepts Quiz

MCQ: Similarities in salaries for jobs such as comparable skills, abilities and knowledge is classified as

  1. utility equity
  2. pay equity
  3. legislative equity
  4. affirmative equity


Employee Relationship Quiz

MCQ: Individual employees who report wrongful acts committed by other subordinates are called

  1. arbitration
  2. whistle blowers
  3. ombudsman
  4. all of the above


Diversity, Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Quiz

MCQ: Group of individuals that are provided with safety under regulation of equal employment is classified as

  1. legislative class
  2. protected class
  3. affirmative class
  4. reverse discrimination class


Management Development Quiz

MCQ: Approach in organization which helps in breakthrough of glass ceiling culture is classified as

  1. career modeling
  2. mentoring
  3. simulation
  4. communication