Training Methods Quiz Questions and Answers 71 PDF Download

Learn training methods quiz online, MBA human resource management test 71 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free human resources training quiz, training methods quiz questions and answers to learn human resource management MCQs with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on training methods MCQs with answers, organizational incentives, recruiting evaluation, work schedules and locations, management by objectives, training methods practice test for online personnel management courses distance learning.

Free online training methods course worksheet has multiple choice question: cooperative training type in which job training is combined with instructions from college classes is classified as with options internships, apprentice training, school-to-work transition and distance training for online subjective aptitude tests, online learning, competitive exams with interesting topics for preparation, study human resources training multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Training Methods Video

Quiz on Training Methods Worksheet 71 Quiz PDF Download

Training Methods Quiz

MCQ: Cooperative training type in which job training is combined with instructions from college classes is classified as

  1. internships
  2. apprentice training
  3. school-to-work transition
  4. distance training


Management by Objectives Quiz

MCQ: Target coaching, work planning, mutual goal setting and performance objectives are all terms used to specify concept called

  1. behavioral rating approach
  2. management by objectives
  3. combination method
  4. critical incident method


Work Schedules and Locations Quiz

MCQ: Type of job timing in which employees work for fix numbers of hours but ending and starting timings can vary is classified as

  1. affirmative schedule
  2. flextime
  3. compressed time
  4. compression tasks


Recruiting Evaluation Quiz

MCQ: Comparison between numbers of applications at each preceding stage of recruitment process is classified as

  1. initialization ratio
  2. resultant ratio
  3. application ratio
  4. yield ratios


Organizational Incentives Quiz

MCQ: Plan in which employees get some ownership in organization for which they are working is classified as

  1. employee stock options plan
  2. employee stock ownership plan
  3. profit ownership plan
  4. recruitment ownership plan