Rights & Responsibilities Issues Quiz Questions and Answers 69 PDF Download

Learn rights & responsibilities issues quiz online, MBA human resource management test 69 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free rights & responsibilities issues MCQs questions and answers to learn human resource management quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on rights and responsibilities issues test with answers, global assignment management, compensation system design, appraising performance methods, positive discipline approach, rights and responsibilities issues practice test for online HR analytics courses distance learning.

Free online rights & responsibilities issues course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: rights based on special agreement between employees and employer are called with choices statutory rights, non statutory rights, contractual rights and separation agreement with online tutorial questions for online entrance exam with old papers' important questions, study employee rights & discipline multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Rights & Responsibilities Issues Video

Quiz on Rights & Responsibilities Issues Worksheet 69 Quiz PDF Download

Rights and Responsibilities Issues Quiz

MCQ: Rights based on special agreement between employees and employer are called

  1. statutory rights
  2. non statutory rights
  3. contractual rights
  4. separation agreement


Positive Discipline Approach Quiz

MCQ: Fourth step in positive disciple approach is

  1. final warning
  2. discharge
  3. counseling
  4. written documentation


Appraising Performance Methods Quiz

MCQ: Tool used in performance appraisal which use a list of words or statement that must be checked while rating performance of employees is called

  1. forced distribution
  2. checklist scale
  3. graphic rating scale
  4. ranking


Compensation System Design Quiz

MCQ: Compensation quartile strategy in which 50% of employers pays below than market and remaining pays compensations higher than market is called

  1. second quartile strategy
  2. first quartile strategy
  3. forth quartile strategy
  4. third quartile strategy


Global Assignment Management Quiz

MCQ: Practice by which representatives of unions is given position in board of directors of company is classified as

  1. co-functional agreement
  2. mutual union contract
  3. co-determination
  4. mutual agreement