Training Development Quiz Questions and Answers 56 PDF Download

Learn training development quiz, online MBA human resource management test 56 for distance learning, online courses. Free human resource management MCQs questions and answers to learn training development MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on training development with answers, hr performance and benchmarking, career progression, bargaining process, human resource planning, training development test for online HR development courses distance learning.

Free training development online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: in employee training, third stage for trainee's on-the-job training is to with choices do the follow up, practice of trainees, present the information and prepare the learners with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, formative assessment and jobs' interview preparation tips, study human resources training multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Training Development Video

Quiz on Training Development Worksheet 56 Quiz PDF Download

Training Development Quiz

MCQ. In employee training, third stage for trainee's on-the-job training is to

  1. do the follow up
  2. practice of trainees
  3. present the information
  4. prepare the learners


Human Resource Planning Quiz

MCQ. Means by organization used to manage demand and supply of human capital are called

  1. demand management strategy
  2. supply management strategy
  3. human resource strategies
  4. all of the above


Bargaining Process Quiz

MCQ. Kind of strikes that occurs when union members try to force employer to assign them work instead of assigning task to another union is called

  1. economic strikes
  2. wildcat strikes
  3. sympathy strikes
  4. jurisdictional strikes


Career Progression Quiz

MCQ. In general career periods, individuals who are in there mid-career stage belongs to age group of

  1. 50 years
  2. 60-70 years
  3. 20 years
  4. 30-40 years


HR Performance and Benchmarking Quiz

MCQ. If health cost per employee is $2000 and number of employees are 300 then total healthcare benefits expenses are

  1. $1,500
  2. $1,700
  3. $2,700
  4. $2,300