HRM: Career Planning Quiz Questions and Answers 33 PDF Book Download

Hrm career planning quiz, hrm career planning MCQs answers, MBA HRM quiz 33 to learn HR online courses. Hr careers and development quiz questions and answers, hrm career planning multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice human resource management test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Learn hrm: career planning MCQs, developing jobs: individuals and teams, employee selection interview, incentive compensation, hrm: career planning test prep for HR management certificate programs online.

Learn hrm career planning test with multiple choice question (MCQs): feedback in career planning which focuses how well employees fit in future organizational plan is classified as, with choices reality feedback, massed feedback, spaced feedback, and tactile feedback for business degree online classes. Learn hr careers and development questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for HR management certificate program. HRM: Career Planning Video

Quiz on HRM: Career Planning Worksheet 33Quiz Book Download

HRM: Career Planning Quiz

MCQ: Feedback in career planning which focuses how well employees fit in future organizational plan is classified as

  1. reality feedback
  2. massed feedback
  3. spaced feedback
  4. tactile feedback


Incentive Compensation Quiz

MCQ: Tangible components of compensation programs usually designed by organization consists of

  1. indirect compensation
  2. recency compensation
  3. direct compensation
  4. both A and C


Employee Selection Interview Quiz

MCQ: Kind of interviews which creates anxiety among interviewees by putting pressure to see how applicant respond is classified as

  1. panel interview
  2. stress interview
  3. directive interview
  4. non-directive interview


Developing Jobs: Individuals and Teams Quiz

MCQ: Addition of new tasks into job to broaden concept of job is classified as

  1. job enrichment
  2. job enlargement
  3. job validity
  4. job reliability


Employee Selection Test Quiz

MCQ: Personality oriented integrity tests and overt integrity tests are considered as types of

  1. controversial tests
  2. ability tests
  3. personality tests
  4. honesty and integrity testing