HRM: Career Planning Quiz Questions and Answers 22 PDF Download

Hrm career planning quiz questions, learn MBA human resource management online test prep 22 for distance learning, online MBA courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on hr careers and development quiz, hrm career planning multiple choice questions and answers to learn human resource management quiz with answers. Practice hrm: career planning MCQs, GMAT test prep on pay increase issues, pay systems legal constraints, employee selection test, hr performance and benchmarking, hrm: career planning practice test for online human resource development courses distance learning.

Study hrm career planning online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs), in career planning of employees, strong vocational interest inventory and lindsey study of values are tests used for, for BBA degree and executive MBA in human resources questions with choices reality feedback, self-assessment, spaced assessment, massed assessment for online subjective and objective university majors eLearning for undergraduate and graduate degrees' study tests. Learn hr careers and development questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test. HRM: Career Planning Video

Quiz on HRM: Career Planning Worksheet 22Quiz PDF Download

HRM: Career Planning Quiz

MCQ: In career planning of employees, strong vocational interest inventory and Lindsey study of values are tests used for

  1. reality feedback
  2. self-assessment
  3. spaced assessment
  4. massed assessment


HR Performance and Benchmarking Quiz

MCQ: Operating expense and employees pays and given fringe benefits are subtracted from revenue to calculate

  1. profit
  2. human value added
  3. turnover cost
  4. returns on investment


Employee Selection Test Quiz

MCQ: In selection of assembly line workers, test which is used to measure manual dexterity for selection is classified as

  1. Macquarie cognitive test
  2. personality oriented integrity test
  3. functional capacity test
  4. Myers-Briggs test


Pay Systems Legal Constraints Quiz

MCQ: Considering non-exempt status of employees, employees to whom overtime must be paid according to FLS act are classified as

  1. salaried exempt
  2. salaried non-exempt
  3. hourly pay employees
  4. clerical level employees


Pay Increase Issues Quiz

MCQ: Ratio in which pay level is divided by pay range midpoint is classified as

  1. primacy ratio
  2. regression ratio
  3. matrix ratio
  4. Compa-ratio