Unionizing Process Quiz Questions and Answers 18 PDF Download

Unionizing process quiz questions, learn MBA human resource management online test prep 18 for distance learning, online MBA courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on union relationship management quiz, unionizing process multiple choice questions and answers to learn human resource management quiz with answers. Practice unionizing process MCQs, GMAT test prep on compensation system design, development approach, training design, employee relationship, unionizing process practice test for online human resources definitions courses distance learning.

Study unionizing process online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs), practice in which unions pay and hire individuals to apply job for certain organizations is classified as, for BBA degree and executive MBA in human resources questions with choices decertification, authorization unit, bargaining unit, salting for online competitive test preparation for government jobs, highest paying jobs and teaching jobs. Learn union relationship management questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test. Unionizing Process Video

Quiz on Unionizing Process Worksheet 18Quiz PDF Download

Unionizing Process Quiz

MCQ: Practice in which unions pay and hire individuals to apply job for certain organizations is classified as

  1. decertification
  2. authorization unit
  3. bargaining unit
  4. salting


Employee Relationship Quiz

MCQ: Process which involves third party usually neutral in nature while making decisions is classified as

  1. procedural justice
  2. constructive justice
  3. arbitration
  4. ombudsman


Training Design Quiz

MCQ: Concept in training of employees in which reason of training must be told to trainees, that why it is necessary is classified as

  1. whole learning
  2. tactile learning
  3. gestalt learning
  4. both A and C


Development Approach Quiz

MCQ: In development approaches, procedure of shifting one employee from one job to another is classified as

  1. job enrichment
  2. job enlargement
  3. coaching
  4. job rotation


Compensation System Design Quiz

MCQ: According to total rewards approach, variable pay of employee is

  1. added into base pay
  2. subtracted from base pay
  3. multiplied to base pay
  4. divided to base pay