Nature of Job Analysis Quiz Questions and Answers 104 PDF Download

Learn nature of job analysis quiz questions, online MBA human resource management test 104 for distance learning degree, online MBA courses. Colleges and universities courses, MCQ on human resources jobs quiz, nature of job analysis multiple choice questions and answers to learn human resource management quiz with answers. Practice nature of job analysis MCQ career test assessment on organizational relationships, time off benefits, employee compensation, retention management system, nature of job analysis practice test for online masters in business administration courses distance learning.

Study BBA degree and executive MBA in human resources questions, nature of job analysis online course has multiple choice question (MCQ): systematic procedure of gathering and analyzing information of context and content regarding human requirements is classified as with options job mobility, job affirmation, job analysis and job compression for business students and scholars to prepare for entry tests for admission in online universities and colleges. Learn human resources jobs quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test. Nature of Job Analysis Video

Quiz on Nature of Job Analysis Worksheet 104Quiz PDF Download

Nature of Job Analysis Quiz

MCQ: Systematic procedure of gathering and analyzing information of context and content regarding human requirements is classified as

  1. job mobility
  2. job affirmation
  3. job analysis
  4. job compression


Retention Management System Quiz

MCQ: Costs of training materials, paid orientation time, supervisor salaries and co-worker coaching salaries are classified as

  1. training costs
  2. hiring costs
  3. separation costs
  4. productivity costs


Employee Compensation Quiz

MCQ: Indirect rewards given to employees of organization for being member of organization are called

  1. productivity compensation
  2. effectivity compensation
  3. benefits
  4. philosophical compensation


Time Off Benefits Quiz

MCQ: Plan which combines vacation time, sick leave and total number of holidays that individuals take off with pay is classified as

  1. flexible spending account plan
  2. flexible benefits plan
  3. paid time-off plan
  4. paid time on plan


Organizational Relationships Quiz

MCQ: Generation of people born between years 1945 to 1965 are classified as

  1. matures
  2. baby boomers
  3. generation X
  4. generation Y