Job Satisfaction & Organizational Commitment Quiz Questions and Answers 101 PDF Download

Learn job satisfaction & organizational commitment quiz questions, online MBA human resource management test 101 for distance learning degrees, online MBA programs. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on individual performance & employee retention quiz, job satisfaction & organizational commitment multiple choice questions and answers to learn human resource management quiz with answers. Practice job satisfaction and organizational commitment MCQs, GMAT test assessment on designing training plans, rights and responsibilities issues, forecasting and demand management, employees performance, job satisfaction and organizational commitment practice test for online GMAT exam prep.

Study job satisfaction & organizational commitment online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): kind of turnover which is led by employees who are leaving organization with their own choice is classified as, for BBA degree and executive MBA in human resources questions with choices involuntary turnover, voluntary turnover, dysfunctional turnover, functional turnover with online sample interview questions and answers, competitive tests preparation for business jobs hiring. Learn individual performance & employee retention quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test. Job Satisfaction & Organizational Commitment Video

Quiz on Job Satisfaction & Organizational Commitment Worksheet 101Quiz PDF Download

Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Quiz

MCQ: Kind of turnover which is led by employees who are leaving organization with their own choice is classified as

  1. involuntary turnover
  2. voluntary turnover
  3. dysfunctional turnover
  4. functional turnover


Employees Performance Quiz

MCQ: In Herzberg hygiene ⁄ motivation theory, factors that can cause higher level of dis-satisfaction in a job are classified as

  1. motivators
  2. hygiene factors
  3. performing factors
  4. expectancy factors


Forecasting and Demand Management Quiz

MCQ: Considering forecasting periods, plans that are for tenure of more than five years are classified as

  1. intermediate plans
  2. long term plans
  3. short term plans
  4. quantitative plans


Rights and Responsibilities Issues Quiz

MCQ: Rights of employees that are based on laws are classified as

  1. non statutory rights
  2. statutory rights
  3. rights
  4. responsibilities


Designing Training Plans Quiz

MCQ: Training technique which discuss problems such as organizational change, problems in executive development and business practices is classified as

  1. development and innovative training
  2. problem solving and interpersonal
  3. job and technical training
  4. regular training