HRM: Selection & Placement Quiz Questions & Answers Online 93 PDF eBook Download

Practice hrm selection and placement quiz questions, hrm selection and placement MCQs with answers pdf 93 to study MBA HR certification courses online. Learn selecting and placing human resources quiz questions and answers, hrm selection and placement multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice human resource management test with answers for online human resources degree. Free "HRM: Selection and Placement" MCQs, employee global assignments, retirement benefit plan, international compensation, nature of labor unions, hrm: selection and placement test prep for getting an MBA.

Learn hrm selection and placement multiple choice questions (MCQs): Purpose of selection for an organization is, with choices maintain records, administering tests, placement of employees, and interviewing applicants for executive MBA. Learn selecting and placing human resources questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for least expensive online MBA programs. HRM: Selection & Placement Video

Quiz on HRM: Selection & Placement MCQs with Answers 93 PDF eBook Download

HRM: Selection and Placement Quiz

MCQ: Purpose of selection for an organization is

  1. maintain records
  2. administering tests
  3. placement of employees
  4. interviewing applicants


Nature of Labor Unions Quiz

MCQ: Union whose members perform one type of work using special training and skills is classified as

  1. craft union
  2. industrial union
  3. distributive union
  4. competing union


International Compensation Quiz

MCQ: Compensation plan which is used to protect expatriate employees from any negative consequence of tax is classified as

  1. cash flow equalization plan
  2. tax equalization plan
  3. balance equalization plan
  4. income equalization plan


Retirement Benefit Plan Quiz

MCQ: In pension plans for employees, special account through which funds are remained nontaxable until employee retires is classified as

  1. Keogh retirement account
  2. vesting account
  3. portability account
  4. individual retirement account


Employee Global Assignments Quiz

MCQ: In global assignments, if individuals are sent to perform some limited tasks and then return to their home country then this assignment is called

  1. functional assignments
  2. technical assignments
  3. development assignments
  4. transnational assignments