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Selection process quiz, selection process MCQs with answers, MBA HRM quiz 5 for online hr courses. College and university degree MCQs, selecting and placing human resources quiz questions and answers, selection process multiple choice questions to practice human resource management test with answers. Learn selection process MCQs, career aptitude test on rights and responsibilities issues, evaluation of training, training development, selection process test prep for SPHR human resources.

Practice selection process career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): step in recruitment process in which candidates are shortlisted fulfilling minimum requirements of job is classified as, to learn MBA human resources degree with options placement screening, pre-employment screening, compensatory screening, affirmative screening for entry level HR careers. Learn selecting and placing human resources questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for SHRM certification. Selection Process Video

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Selection Process Quiz

MCQ: Step in recruitment process in which candidates are shortlisted fulfilling minimum requirements of job is classified as

  1. placement screening
  2. pre-employment screening
  3. compensatory screening
  4. affirmative screening


Training Development Quiz

MCQ: Usage of internet for training employees of an organization is classified as

  1. compression training
  2. e-learning
  3. outsource learning
  4. supported learning


Evaluation of Training Quiz

MCQ: Concept of four level training evaluation (reaction, learning, behavior and results) is given by

  1. Donald Kirkpatrick
  2. Robert Mathis
  3. John (No Suggestions)
  4. none of above


Rights and Responsibilities Issues Quiz

MCQ: Agreement through which terminated employees agree to get benefits in exchange of not to sue employers, is classified as

  1. separation agreement
  2. contractual agreement
  3. statutory agreement
  4. non separable agreement


Retention Management System Quiz

MCQ: Loss of customer contacts, break-in time of employees and unfamiliarity with products of organization are classified as

  1. separation costs
  2. productivity costs
  3. training costs
  4. hiring costs