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Learn pay structures MCQs online, MBA HRM test for e-learning MBA degree online courses, career test prep. Practice compensation strategies and practices multiple choice questions (MCQs), pay structures quiz questions and answers, pay fairness perceptions, pay systems legal constraints, pay increase issues, pay structures tutorials for online web based HR software courses distance learning.

Study bachelor in business administration and MBA degree courses, online human resources degree programs MCQs: employee who is paid more than specified range for job is classified as with options green circled employee, red circled employee, blue circled employee and white circled employee for online diploma courses, associate degree courses and university courses online learning with smart tutor portal. Free skills assessment test is for online learning pay structures quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. Pay Structures Video

MCQs on Pay StructuresQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Employee who is paid more than specified range for job is classified as

  1. green circled employee
  2. red circled employee
  3. blue circled employee
  4. white circled employee


MCQ: Situation in organization in which differences of individual pay with different level of performance becomes small is classified as

  1. pay compression
  2. grade compression
  3. equity compression
  4. matrix compression


MCQ: Graph which shows relationship between job value, which is determined rates of pay survey and job evaluation points is classified as

  1. market line
  2. pay line
  3. regression line
  4. pay structure line


MCQ: Group of all jobs which have same worth of job are classified as

  1. non-exemption grade
  2. regression grade
  3. exemption grade
  4. pay grade


MCQ: Procedure of using less and more broad pay grades than traditional system of compensation is classified as

  1. salary banding
  2. structure banding
  3. broad banding
  4. grade banding