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Learn Pay Increase Issues MCQs, pay increase issues quiz answers pdf to study human resources course online. Practice Compensation Strategies and Practices Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs), "Pay Increase Issues" quiz questions and answers for top ranked MBA programs. Learn incentive compensation, base pay system development, pay structures, compensation system design test prep for master of science in business administration.

Practice pay increase issues MCQ: Concept in which whole or part of yearly pay increase is paid as single payment, is called, with choices consumer price index adjustment, lump sum increase, cost of living adjustment, and all of the above for top ranked MBA programs. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning Pay Increase Issues Quiz Questions, competitive exams in business majors for good business schools. Pay Increase Issues Video

MCQs on Pay Increase Issues PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Concept in which the whole or part of yearly pay increase is paid as single payment, is called

  1. consumer price index adjustment
  2. lump sum increase
  3. cost of living adjustment
  4. all of the above


MCQ: Ratio in which the pay level is divided by the pay range midpoint is classified as

  1. primacy ratio
  2. regression ratio
  3. matrix ratio
  4. Compa-ratio


MCQ: Time spent in organization while performing the particular job is classified as

  1. seniority
  2. career maturity
  3. career equity
  4. non-equity


MCQ: Curve which is used to represent relationship between pay rate and experience is classified as

  1. equity curve
  2. maturity curve
  3. experience curve
  4. seniority curve


MCQ: If the mid-point is 20 and the current pay of an employee is $25 then the compa ratio is

  1. 75
  2. 225
  3. 125
  4. 25