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Development approach multiple choice questions (MCQs), development approach test prep to learn online MBA programs courses. Learn hr careers and development multiple choice questions (MCQs), development approach quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on needs analysis, career progression, development approach aptitude test for online one year MBA courses distance learning.

Practice hr careers and development aptitude test MCQs: techniques such as class room courses, business games, outdoor trainings and sabbaticals are classified as, for free online MBA courses with options psychological test techniques, succession planning techniques, job site techniques, off-site techniques for masters degree in business administration. Free skills assessment test is for online learning development approach quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. Development Approach Video

MCQ on Development ApproachQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Online development, coaching, committee assignments and job rotation are methods for development approach called

  1. psychological testing
  2. succession planning method
  3. job site methods
  4. off-site methods


MCQ: Techniques such as class room courses, business games, outdoor trainings and sabbaticals are classified as

  1. psychological test techniques
  2. succession planning techniques
  3. job site techniques
  4. off-site techniques


MCQ: Process in which immediate supervisors give training and feedback to employees is classified as

  1. coaching
  2. job rotation
  3. job enrichment
  4. job enlargement


MCQ: In development approaches, procedure of shifting one employee from one job to another is classified as

  1. job enrichment
  2. job enlargement
  3. coaching
  4. job rotation


MCQ: One of development technique in which trainees are placed at immediate staff positions under manager is classified as

  1. learning organization
  2. assistant-to positions
  3. online development
  4. coaching