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Core competency multiple choice questions (MCQs), core competency quiz answers for online human resources degree. Strategic human resource management MCQs, core competency quiz questions and answers for good business schools. Learn forecasting and demand management, human resource planning, managing human resources, core competency test prep to learn online certificate courses.

Learn strategic human resource management MCQ: average worker cost is divided by average level of output to calculate, with choices unit output cost, unit labor cost, unit material cost, and none of the above for good business schools. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning core competency quiz questions, competitive exams in business majors to learn free online courses. Core Competency Video

MCQs on Core Competency PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Average worker cost is divided by average level of output to calculate

  1. unit output cost
  2. unit labor cost
  3. unit material cost
  4. none of the above


MCQ: Competitive advantage in form of human capital of organization is considered as

  1. strategic human resource management
  2. workforce management
  3. effectivity management
  4. efficiency management


MCQ: Capability of an organization which helps it gaining competitive advantage over its competitors is classified as

  1. managerial competency
  2. core competency
  3. organizational competency
  4. workforce specialty


MCQ: Measurement of work results in comparison of materials or resources used by company is classified as

  1. cost effectivity
  2. cost competency
  3. profitability
  4. productivity


MCQ: Culture in which beliefs and values followed by human capital of firm is classified as

  1. specialist culture
  2. generalist culture
  3. organizational culture
  4. shared culture