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Compensation system design multiple choice questions (MCQs), compensation system design test prep for online learning with MBA degree certificate eCourses. Learn compensation strategies and practices multiple choice questions (MCQs), compensation system design quiz questions and answers. Career test on pay fairness perceptions, pay systems legal constraints, pay increase issues, compensation system design test for PHR certification test.

Learn compensation strategies and practices practice test MCQs: according to total rewards approach, variable pay of employee is, for free online courses with options added into base pay, subtracted from base pay, multiplied to base pay, divided to base pay for online graduate degrees. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online compensation system design quiz questions, competitive assessment in business majors with SPHR study guide. Compensation System Design Video

MCQ on Compensation System DesignQuiz Book Download

MCQ: 'compensation quartile strategy' in which 75% of employers pay below than market and remaining 25% pay compensations higher than market is called

  1. forth quartile strategy
  2. third quartile strategy
  3. second quartile strategy
  4. first quartile strategy


MCQ: According to total rewards approach, variable pay of employee is

  1. added into base pay
  2. subtracted from base pay
  3. multiplied to base pay
  4. divided to base pay


MCQ: Outcomes of competency based system such as improved and higher employee satisfaction and commitment are classified as

  1. quartile strategy based outcome
  2. organization-related outcomes
  3. employee-related outcomes
  4. percentiles strategy outcomes


MCQ: According to traditional compensation approach, perks and bonuses are

  1. for CEO only
  2. for all employees
  3. for executive only
  4. not for executives


MCQ: Compensation philosophy according to which organization increase salary of employees every year is called

  1. primacy orientation philosophy
  2. entitlement orientation philosophy
  3. performance orientation philosophy
  4. recency orientation philosophy