Four Ps of Marketing Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Book Download

Four ps of marketing multiple choice questions (MCQs), four ps of marketing quiz answers, MBA test prep 1 to learn online MBA courses and classes. four ps of marketing with multiple choice question: promotion aims are, with choices to increase demand, to present information to consumers as well as others, to differentiate a product, and all of the options for masters degree in business management. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning promotion quiz questions for business administration certifications.

MCQs on Four Ps of Marketing Test 1 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Promotion aims are

  1. to present information to consumers as well as others
  2. to increase demand
  3. to differentiate a product
  4. all of options


MCQ: Push money also known as

  1. spiffs
  2. promotion
  3. commodities
  4. all of options


MCQ: A good can be categorized as tangible or

  1. raw materials
  2. commodities
  3. intangible
  4. services


MCQ: Step which is not related to product life cycle is

  1. growth stage
  2. cash cow stage
  3. maturity stage
  4. introduction stage


MCQ: Good at a place which is easy for customers to access is

  1. product
  2. price
  3. promotion
  4. distribution