Brand Marketing Multiple Choice Questions 2 PDF Download

Brand marketing multiple choice questions, learn MBA online test prep 2 for e-learning, free online courses prep. Study brand marketing with multiple choice questions, word "brand" is frequently used as a, for bachelor of business administration and MBA degree courses with choices marketing, customers, advertising, metonym with online business courses preparation for BBA, MBA and associate business degree programs. Practice skills assessment test for online learning brand quiz questions with MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Brand Marketing Test 2Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Word "brand" is frequently used as a

  1. customers
  2. marketing
  3. advertising
  4. metonym


MCQ: Mainly, chief resource of authority throughout allocation channel is

  1. company
  2. brand
  3. distributor
  4. customer


MCQ: Firm buy either wholesale from other firms or directly from manufacturer on agreement or is

  1. c 2 c
  2. a 2 a
  3. a & b
  4. b 2 b


MCQ: Clearness regarding proportions of brands is clarity in

  1. functions of brand
  2. aspects of differentiation
  3. both of given options
  4. none of given options


MCQ: Careful brand management look for to build product or services related to the

  1. target audience
  2. cost
  3. profit
  4. all of answers are correct