Types of Musharika MCQs for MBA Test 62 PDF Download

MBA quiz 62 to learn islamic banking test & MCQs. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on types of musharika, international trade, direct quotation, brand, why firms pursue international business.

This study guide includes multiple choice questions (MCQ) as phrase that is not related to books of fiqh is, answer key with choices as shirkah, ijarah, musharika and sharing to test study skills. For e-learning, study online islamic banking multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Types of Musharika Quiz Worksheet 62 Quiz PDF Download

Types of Musharika Quiz

MCQ. Phrase that is not related to books of Fiqh is

  1. shirkah
  2. ijarah
  3. musharika
  4. sharing


International trade Quiz

MCQ. Worldwide trade is

  1. Buying goods from abroad
  2. Selling good to abroad
  3. Paying Foreign Currency
  4. All of answers are correct


Direct Quotation Quiz

MCQ. If your local currency is in variable form and foreign currency is in fixed form quotation will be:

  1. indirect
  2. direct
  3. local form
  4. foreign form


Brand Quiz

MCQ. Several brands make their name by using a silly pun, such as Lord of Fries, Wok on Water or Eggs Eggscetera are illustration of brand name sort

  1. puny
  2. foreign word
  3. personification
  4. descriptive


Why Firms Pursue International Business Quiz

MCQ. An Acquisition is

  1. More risky than other foreign investment techniques
  2. Less risky than other foreign investment techniques
  3. A way to share control over foreign operations
  4. A way to share risk of a new foreign investment