Perfect Competition MCQs - MBA Test 57 PDF Book Download

Perfect competition quiz, learn online MBA test prep 57 for distance education courses with perfect competition test and MCQs. College and universitiy courses MCQs, perfect competition, joint ventures, sourcing, micro finance for business administration certifications.

Practice perfect competition career test has multiple choice question (MCQs): marginal proceeds are equivalent to price for which one of following kinds of market structure, with choices monopoly, perfect competition, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly for business management classes online. For admission and scholarhsips' exams, learn perfect competition multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Perfect Competition - Test Worksheet 57Quiz Book Download

Perfect Competition Quiz

MCQ: Marginal proceeds are equivalent to price for which one of following kinds of market structure

  1. monopoly
  2. perfect competition
  3. monopolistic competition
  4. oligopoly


Perfect Competition Quiz

MCQ: Economic returns are normally

  1. higher than accounting profits
  2. lower than accounting profits
  3. identical to accounting profits
  4. b&c


Joint Ventures Quiz

MCQ: Joint venture is

  1. Not jointly owned by
  2. Jointly owned by two or more firms
  3. Acquired by firm
  4. It is licensing


Sourcing Quiz

MCQ: Utilization of one or more approaches to attract or recognize applicants to fill up job posts is

  1. sourcing
  2. recruitment
  3. selection
  4. screening


Micro Finance Quiz

MCQ: A key concern for Muslims states and recently Islamic banks are

  1. loans
  2. advances
  3. microfinance
  4. premium