Bai Salam MCQs for MBA Test 19 PDF Download

MBA quiz 19 to learn islamic banking test & MCQs. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on bai salam, gharar, portfolio investment, law of supply, examples of competition for training evaluation in business administration.

This study guide includes multiple choice questions (MCQ) as an agreement in which advance fee is made for commodities to be delivered afterwards on is, answer key with choices as murabaha, bai salam, ijarah and b& c to test study skills. For e-learning, study online islamic banking multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Bai Salam Quiz Worksheet 19 Quiz PDF Download

Bai Salam Quiz

MCQ. An agreement in which advance fee is made for commodities to be delivered afterwards on is

  1. murabaha
  2. bai salam
  3. ijarah
  4. b& c


Gharar Quiz

MCQ. Whose outcomes are concealed is gharar describes by

  1. hanafi school
  2. hanbali school
  3. zahiri school
  4. shafi school


Portfolio Investment Quiz

MCQ. Portfolio Investment is dealing in

  1. Same securities
  2. Short term investment
  3. Different securities
  4. Don


Law of Supply Quiz

MCQ. Basic rule of economic theory which declares that, all else equal, an augment in price results in a boost in quantity supplied is

  1. law of demand
  2. law of marginal utility
  3. law of supply
  4. none of all of these


Examples of Competition Quiz

MCQ. Each of following are means monopolistically competitive companies distinguish their commodities EXCEPT

  1. selling with slightly different physical characteristics.
  2. offering different levels of service that come with a product.
  3. creating a special aura or image for product with advertising.
  4. none of above are exceptions they are all ways of differentiating products.