Spot Rates MCQs - MBA Test 14 PDF Download

Learn spot rates quiz questions, MBA test 14 for distance learning degrees, online MBA courses with international financial markets test & MCQs. College and university courses' MCQs on spot rates, foreign competition face by mnc, fisher effect, social recruitment, demand for online MBA course evaluation questions.

Study BBA degree and MBA degree in business administration questions, international financial markets online course has multiple choice question (MCQs): exchange rate entail delivery of trade currency within two business days know as, answer key with options as forward rate, future rate, spot rate and bid rate for online distance learning. For e-learning, learn online international financial markets multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Spot Rates - Test Worksheet 14Quiz PDF Download

Spot Rates Quiz

MCQ: Exchange rate entail delivery of trade currency within two business days know as

  1. forward rate
  2. future rate
  3. spot rate
  4. bid rate


Foreign Competition Face by MNC Quiz

MCQ: A merely household organization may be influenced by exchange rate variations if it faces at slightest some

  1. Domestic Competition
  2. Foreign competition
  3. Joint ventures
  4. All of answers are correct


Fisher Effect Quiz

MCQ: Differences in nominal interest rates are removed in exchange rate is

  1. fisher effect
  2. Leontief paradox.
  3. combined equilibrium theory.
  4. purchasing power parity


Social recruitment Quiz

MCQ: Face book, Twitter, and LinkedIn are used for recruiting which is known as

  1. internal recruiting
  2. social recruiting
  3. external recruiting
  4. media recruiting


Demand Quiz

MCQ: Price, at which sellers mutually are ready to sell identical amount as buyers collectively are agreeable to buy, identified as

  1. price
  2. equilibrium price
  3. market clearing price
  4. b & c