Human Capital Management MCQs for MBA Test 13 PDF Download

MBA quiz 13 to learn human resource management test & MCQs. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on human capital management, liability side financing, exposure to international political risk, diversity.

This study guide includes multiple choice questions (MCQ) as aim of a human resource supervisor is to support the, answer key with choices as employer-employee relationship, employee-employee relationship, employer-employer relationship and customer-employee relationship to test study skills. For e-learning, study online human resource management multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Human Capital Management Quiz Worksheet 13 Quiz PDF Download

Human Capital Management Quiz

MCQ. Aim of a human resource supervisor is to support the

  1. employer-employee relationship
  2. employee-employee relationship
  3. employer-employer relationship
  4. customer-employee relationship


Liability Side Financing Quiz

MCQ. Which is liability side financing out of these means

  1. large enterprise financing
  2. t-bills and federal investment bonds / debenture
  3. inter- bank lending / borrowing
  4. b & c


Exposure to International Political Risk Quiz

MCQ. Investors take political hazard as

  1. Encouraged
  2. Discouraged
  3. Attracted
  4. Make them happy


Liability Side Financing Quiz

MCQ. Expression Finance Certificates & Certificate of Investment in Musharika is

  1. liability side financing
  2. liability
  3. assets
  4. assets side financing


Diversity Quiz

MCQ. Dissimilarity among peoples/workplace is

  1. skills
  2. demographics
  3. diversity
  4. a & b