Roots of Human Resource Management MCQs - MBA Test 11 PDF Download

Roots of human resource management quiz questions, learn online MBA test prep 11 for distance education eCourses with human resource management test and MCQs. Undergraduate degree and master's degree eCourses MCQs on roots of human resource management, mudarabah, types of musharika, marginal cost, trade allowances for online collaborative learning in MBA.

Practice human resource management career test has multiple choice question (MCQs): what is expected by acronym vet, for online certificate courses with options vocational expertise and training., vocational education and training., voluntary education and training., none of these for executive mba programs. For e-learning, learn human resource management multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Roots of Human Resource Management - Test Worksheet 11Quiz PDF Download

Roots of Human Resource Management Quiz

MCQ: What is expected by acronym VET

  1. Vocational Expertise and Training.
  2. Vocational Education and Training.
  3. Voluntary Education and Training.
  4. none of these


Mudarabah Quiz

MCQ: A type of partnership where one party offer funds while other gives expertise and management is

  1. murabaha
  2. musharika
  3. ijarah
  4. mudarabah


Types of Musharika Quiz

MCQ: Shirkat-ul-wujooh has its origin in Arabic word

  1. wajahat
  2. wajahee
  3. waujooh
  4. wajhee


Marginal Cost Quiz

MCQ: Under supposition of ideal competition, supply is determined through

  1. marginal cost
  2. marginal revenue
  3. marginal curve
  4. supply curve


Trade Allowances Quiz

MCQ: A marketing strategy in which low-priced unconventional resources are used, often in a local fashion or large system of person cells, to express or encourage a manufactured goods or a plan are

  1. right-time marketing
  2. demand chain
  3. services marketing
  4. guerrilla marketing