Complex Numbers Quiz Questions and Answers 72 PDF Book Download

Complex numbers quiz, complex numbers MCQs answers, college math quiz 72 to learn math, online college courses. Number system quiz questions and answers, complex numbers multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice math MCQs with answers for college and university courses. Learn complex numbers MCQs, period of trigonometric functions, series in maths, trigonometric ratios of allied angles, complex numbers test prep for online certifications.

Practice complex numbers test with multiple choice question (MCQs): |z1 - z2 | =, with choices > |z1| + |z2|, ≤|z1| + |z2|, ≤ z1 + z2, and > z1 + z2 for undergraduate degree. Practice number system questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Complex Numbers Worksheet 72Quiz Book Download

Complex Numbers Quiz

MCQ: |z1 - z2 | =

  1. > |Z1| + |Z2|
  2. ≤|Z1| + |Z2|
  3. ≤ Z1 + Z2
  4. > Z1 + Z2


Trigonometric ratios of Allied Angles Quiz

MCQ: Tan(π/2-α) =

  1. cotα
  2. tanα
  3. −cosα
  4. −sinα


Series in Maths Quiz

MCQ: 1/2,1/7,1/12,… is

  1. an arithmetic progression
  2. a Geometric Progression (GP)
  3. a harmonic progression
  4. a harmonic series


Period of Trigonometric Functions Quiz

MCQ: Period of sec(x/3) is

  1. π


Inverse of a Function Quiz

MCQ: If ƒ(x) = 2x+1/x-1, then

  1. f-1(3) < f-1(1)
  2. f-1(3) > f-1(1)
  3. f-1(3) = f-1(1)
  4. None of Above