Double Angle Identities Quiz Questions and Answers 137 PDF Download

Learn double angle identities quiz, online college math test 137 for distance learning, online courses. Free math MCQs questions and answers to learn double angle identities MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on double angle identities with answers, period of trigonometric functions, nature of roots of quadratic equation, triple angle identities, trigonometric ratios of allied angles, double angle identities test for online math word problems courses distance learning.

Free double angle identities online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: cosα-sinα/cosα+sinα with choices sec2α+tan2α, sec2α-tan2α, csc2α-cot2α and csc2α+cot2α with online eLearning for online competitions like GRE study test for good GRE scores, study double angle identities multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Double Angle Identities Worksheet 137 Quiz PDF Download

Double Angle Identities Quiz

MCQ. Cosα-sinα/cosα+sinα

  1. sec2α+tan2α
  2. sec2α-tan2α
  3. csc2α-cot2α
  4. csc2α+cot2α


Trigonometric ratios of Allied Angles Quiz

MCQ. Tan(-α) =

  1. −tanα
  2. tanα
  3. cotα
  4. cotα


Triple Angle Identities Quiz

MCQ. Sin9α =

  1. 4cos³3α-3cos3α
  2. 3cos³3α-4cos3α
  3. 3sin3α-4sin³3α
  4. 4sin3α-3sin³3α


Nature of roots of quadratic equation Quiz

MCQ. Discriminant of quadratic equation ax² +bx +c = 0 is

  1. b² + 4ac
  2. 4ac-b²
  3. b² - 4ac
  4. a² - 4bc


Period of Trigonometric Functions Quiz

MCQ. Period of 3cot(x/3) is

  1. π