Harmonic Mean MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn harmonic mean MCQs, college math online test for distance education, online college courses prep. Practice sequences and series multiple choice questions (MCQs), harmonic mean quiz questions and answers. ETS GRE test prep on sum of n terms of a geometric series, arithmetic mean (am), arithmetic progression, relation b/w a.m, g.m and h.m, harmonic mean tutorials for online algebra courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in mathematics degree MCQs: if a and h are arithmetic and harmonic mean between 2 and 3, then a + h =, for online college courses with choices 49/20, 49/10, 49/5, 32/4 for online subjective aptitude tests, online learning, competitive exams with interesting topics preparation. Free skills assessment test is for online learn harmonic mean quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Harmonic MeanQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: If A and H are arithmetic and harmonic mean between 2 and 3, then A + H =

  1. 49/20
  2. 49/10
  3. 49/5
  4. 32/4


MCQ: If n is total number of harmonic mean between a and b then mth harmonic mean between a and b is

  1. (n+1)ab/(n+1)+n(a-b)
  2. (n+1)ab/(n+1)b+m(a-b)
  3. (n+1)b+m(a-b)
  4. (n+1)ba


MCQ: H1,H2,…,Hn are said to be n harmonic means between a and b if a,H1,H2…,Hn,b form

  1. H.P
  2. A.P
  3. G.P
  4. Harmonic series


MCQ: Harmonic mean between two numbers a and b is

  1. a+b/2ab
  2. a-b/2ab
  3. 2ab/(a+b)
  4. 2ab/a-b


MCQ: If H is harmonic mean between 7 and 8, then H/2 =

  1. 112/15
  2. 56/15
  3. 28/15
  4. 14/15