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De moivres theorem multiple choice questions (MCQs), de moivres theorem quiz answers to learn math online courses. Number system MCQs, de moivres theorem quiz questions and answers for online bachelor degree. Learn basic function, binary operation, linear and quadratic function, rational numbers and irrational numbers, de moivres theorem test prep for online certifications.

Practice number system test MCQs: for all n belong to z, ( cosθ + ι sinθ )n, with choices csc nθ + ι sin nθ, tannθ +ι cotnθ, cosnθ + ι sinnθ, and cosnθ - ι sinnθ for online bachelor degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning de moivres theorem quiz questions for competitive assessment in math major.

MCQ on De Moivres TheoremQuiz Book Download

MCQ: For all n belong to Z, ( cosθ + ι sinθ )n

  1. csc nθ + ι sin nθ
  2. tannθ +ι cotnθ
  3. cosnθ + ι sinnθ
  4. cosnθ - ι sinnθ