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User interfaces multiple choice questions (MCQs), user interfaces quiz answers for online computer science degree. Communications hardware-terminals and interfaces MCQs, user interfaces quiz questions and answers for computer science associate degree. Learn communication, remote and local, visual display terminals, user interfaces test prep for computer science programs.

Learn communications hardware-terminals and interfaces MCQ: technique of using two buffers as interface between two devices is called, with choices double digitalizing, single buffering, double interfacing, and double buffering for computer science associate degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning user interfaces quiz questions for competitive exams in computer science major for information and communication technology.

MCQs on User Interfaces PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Technique of using two buffers as interface between two devices is called

  1. double digitalizing
  2. single buffering
  3. double interfacing
  4. double buffering


MCQ: Modem which is attached between a remote terminal and telephone system is an example of

  1. interfaces
  2. converter
  3. analogue
  4. digitized


MCQ: Any digital computer that accepts input from analogue devices, it must have converter of type

  1. analogue to digital
  2. digital to analogue
  3. digital double buffering
  4. digital single buffering


MCQ: If central processing unit is programmed to send output to analogue device then converter must be of type

  1. digital to analogue
  2. analogue to digital
  3. analogue double buffering
  4. digital double buffering


MCQ: Any hardware or software which is used to connect two devices by enabling them to communicate is classified as

  1. analogue modem
  2. digital modem
  3. analogue interface
  4. interface