Control Statement in Computers Quiz Questions and Answers 95 PDF Download

Learn control statement in computers quiz, online computer fundamentals test 95 for distance learning, online courses. Free computer MCQs questions and answers to learn control statement in computers MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on control statement in computers with answers, data types and structures, computer registers, representation of fractions in binary, program documentation, control statement in computers test for online PC hardware courses distance learning.

Free control statement in computers online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: loop statement in a program which is used to continue repetition until some condition is met is classified as with choices the go loop, the repeat until loop, the go while loop and the while loop for online universities' examination to practice logic questions for free online competitions and examinations, study programming languages & style multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Control Statement in Computers Worksheet 95 Quiz PDF Download

Control Statement in Computers Quiz

MCQ. Loop statement in a program which is used to continue repetition until some condition is met is classified as

  1. the GO loop
  2. the REPEAT UNTIL loop
  3. the GO WHILE loop
  4. the WHILE loop


Program Documentation Quiz

MCQ. A technical communication document intended to give assistance to user using a particular system is called

  1. program manual
  2. user manual
  3. detailed manual
  4. hard copy of manual


Representation of Fractions in Binary Quiz

MCQ. Actual digits present in any figure is called it's

  1. mantissa
  2. exponent
  3. base
  4. base power


Computer Registers Quiz

MCQ. Sequence control register is also known as

  1. program counter
  2. instruction counter
  3. sequence register
  4. controlling register


Data Types and Structures Quiz

MCQ. Group of all special characters such as digits and letters are classified as

  1. strings
  2. negative numbers
  3. odd numbers
  4. even numbers