Stock Control Software Quiz Questions and Answers 93 PDF Book Download

Stock control software quiz, stock control software MCQs with answers, computer fundamentals quiz 93 for online computer science courses. College and university degree MCQs on applications of computers - commercial applications quiz questions and answers, stock control software multiple choice questions to practice computer test with answers. Learn stock control software MCQs, career aptitude test on types of storage, program libraries, printers for computer printing, stock control software test prep for information systems certifications.

Practice stock control software career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): method in which payments are based on every working hour is classified as, to learn computer science degree with options salary, hourly based rate, bank payments, master payments for technology jobs. Learn applications of computers - commercial applications questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for professional online certifications.

Quiz on Stock Control Software Worksheet 93Quiz Book Download

Stock Control Software Quiz

MCQ: Method in which payments are based on every working hour is classified as

  1. salary
  2. hourly based rate
  3. bank payments
  4. master payments


Printers for Computer Printing Quiz

MCQ: Per minute printing speed of large laser printer is

  1. 150 pages
  2. 200 pages
  3. 250 pages
  4. 300 pages


Program Libraries Quiz

MCQ: Set of software is held central by

  1. computer installation
  2. computer software
  3. library files
  4. directory files


Types of Storage Quiz

MCQ: Piece of time any device takes to move head across to read and write data is classified as

  1. access time
  2. seek time
  3. process time
  4. invert time


Applications and System Programs Quiz

MCQ: Program used to transfer contents onto a printer from VDU screen is classified as

  1. utility dump
  2. screen dump
  3. function dump
  4. inquiry dump