Data & Information Quiz Questions and Answers 74 PDF Book Download

Data and information quiz, data and information MCQs answers, computer fundamentals quiz 74 to learn computer science online courses. Colleges and universities courses MCQs, information processing quiz questions and answers, data and information multiple choice questions to practice computer test with answers. Learn data and information MCQs, career test on communication, remote and local, programs and program languages, data and information test prep for IT certifications.

Practice data and information career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): any knowledge item that can be expressed in numbers or words is called, with choices processing, information, fact, and organization for online computer science degree. Learn information processing questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for computer technology certifications.

Quiz on Data & Information Worksheet 74Quiz Book Download

Data and Information Quiz

MCQ: Any knowledge item that can be expressed in numbers or words is called

  1. processing
  2. information
  3. fact
  4. organization


Programs and Program Languages Quiz

MCQ: Object program is also called

  1. program code
  2. machine code
  3. assembler
  4. compiler


Programs and Program Languages Quiz

MCQ: When source program is translated it is classified as

  1. bug program
  2. object program
  3. featured program
  4. detailed program


Communication, Remote and Local Quiz

MCQ: An 'intelligent terminal is also termed as

  1. digital terminal
  2. logical terminal
  3. programmable terminal
  4. trained terminal


Searching, Merging and Sorting Quiz

MCQ: Program that allows users to find or search words from passage of text includes

  1. word processer
  2. run time processor
  3. online processor
  4. off line processor