Typical Instruction Format Quiz Questions and Answers 52 PDF Book Download

Typical instruction format quiz, typical instruction format MCQs with answers, computer fundamentals quiz 52 for online computer science courses. College and university degree MCQs on central processing unit and execution of programs quiz questions and answers, typical instruction format multiple choice questions to practice computer test with answers. Learn typical instruction format MCQs, career aptitude test on data collection and input, types of storage, document readers, typical instruction format test prep for computer certification exams.

Practice typical instruction format career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): most of time, computer instructions are divided into, to learn computer science degree with options function code, instruction code, operand, both a and c for computer engineering careers. Learn central processing unit and execution of programs questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for professional online certifications.

Quiz on Typical Instruction Format Worksheet 52Quiz Book Download

Typical Instruction Format Quiz

MCQ: Most of time, computer instructions are divided into

  1. function code
  2. instruction code
  3. operand
  4. both A and C


Document Readers Quiz

MCQ: Technique which uses printed characters with iron oxide ink and ink is magnetized for recognition is classified as

  1. magnetic ink character recognition
  2. colored ink magnetic recognition
  3. optical signal recognition
  4. character recognition


Types of Storage Quiz

MCQ: Main store of computer memory includes the

  1. working store
  2. data seek store
  3. transfer delay time
  4. impact store


Data Collection and Input Quiz

MCQ: Cards that can be stored in any filling cabinet to get an easy access to data are called

  1. index card
  2. source card
  3. input card
  4. output card


Storage Devices of Computer Quiz

MCQ: Which of then following is example of direct access?

  1. magnetic disc
  2. floppy disc
  3. program tape
  4. plain disc