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Types of storage quiz, types of storage MCQs with answers, computer fundamentals quiz 20 for online computer science courses. College and university degree MCQs, storage devices and media quiz questions and answers, types of storage multiple choice questions to practice computer test with answers. Learn types of storage MCQs, career aptitude test on input at terminals and microcomputers, program design and implementation, integrity of input data, types of storage test prep for certified learning professionals.

Practice types of storage career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): piece of time taken by disc to rotate and read data from right place is classified as, for computer science degree programs with options rotational delay, access delay, seek time delay, reversal delay for technology jobs. Learn storage devices and media questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for best computer certifications.

Quiz on Types of Storage Worksheet 20Quiz Book Download

Types of Storage Quiz

MCQ: Piece of time taken by disc to rotate and read data from right place is classified as

  1. rotational delay
  2. access delay
  3. seek time delay
  4. reversal delay


Integrity of Input Data Quiz

MCQ: Type of error which occurs when data is transferred from one device to another is classified as

  1. transmission error
  2. interval error
  3. software error
  4. discontinued error


Program Design and Implementation Quiz

MCQ: Data which is used to test each feature of program and is carefully selected is classified as

  1. program output
  2. program input
  3. test data
  4. test program


Input at Terminals and Microcomputers Quiz

MCQ: Type of graphic tablet which accepts hand-written characters such as numbers and letters is known as

  1. digital data operator
  2. digital data acceptor
  3. data pad
  4. pen detector


Binary Representation of Characters Quiz

MCQ: Most commonly used codes to represent bits are

  1. American Standard Code (ASCII)
  2. BCD
  4. all of above